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Our Story

Our marriage in 2016 joined two amazing families. When our six children all moved out, we started looking at following our dream. Moving out of city life, slowing down and leaving corporate worlds behind. Greg worked as a Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector for a rapidly growing city. As a journeyman electrician he had become a jack of all trades and fully remodeled our home. Time for a new project! Cindy worked as a Supervisor at a 911 Center for 16 years, training and policies had become her life. Time to be outside! With three dogs and our motorhome we went to Mackay, Idaho. We fell in love with the mountains, the wildlife and no traffic.

Our new home has 15 motel rooms, 6 cabins and 10 RV sites. We now spend our time looking forward to visiting with families. Seeing your dog play in the yard, your children point at the deer and elk with excitement and you ride out on your ATV.

Image may be subject to copyright
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